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    3D Camera Tracker errors & things i tried so far

    davidr79711082 Level 1

      Hello Guys,


      First of all im very very new to adobe products, i just bought them 2 weeks ago.

      I want to use the 3D camera Tracker, to implement a 3D Text into my Video game footage. During the process i receive 3 errors:

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      (Sorry for german)


      Things i tried so far:

      -reinstall AE on diffrent ssd and hdd hard drive.

      -only track the footage i realy need.

      -render the footage and try it with the renderd footage.


      nothing of those 3 attempts helped or solved the problem.


      Here is a video of the full process:

      Process - YouTube


      The footage:

      Footage - YouTube



      Sorry for my bad english.