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    Can't Share Online


      Hi:  I am a member of a 3-person Creative Cloud "Team" (not an Enterprise) and am unable to use the Share Online feature in Experience Designer. The problem started a few weeks ago after problems with our account setup/payment. We were moved to a temporary account and then supposedly back to our existing accounts, but under new login credentials. The sharing problem is very random and inconsistent. One minute I can share and my colleagues can't. Then they can share and I can't. Right now I have several XD files open on my desktop and some of them I can share and some of them I can't. Does anyone know what the problem might be. We have been struggling with this for several weeks now and are very frustrated!

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          Jacob G Adobe Employee



          Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues using the Share Online feature in XD.  I can help investigate and get this issue resolved.  I have a couple of follow up questions:


          1/ From your description, it sounds like sharing works sometimes, but not others, for the same user.  Is this correct?  In the case when sharing fails, what error message are you seeing?


          2/ Can you log a bug using Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs with the email addresses associated with the accounts you are using?  This will allow me to check the entitlements associated with these accounts to confirm they have access to the sharing service.


          With this information, I can help identify the root cause of the issue you are seeing.



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            Hi Jacob:  Thanks for offering to help with our sharing problem! Answers to your questions are below.

            Please note that I have cc’d my colleagues on this message as I am leaving on vacation as of today.

            If you could please "reply all" to this message one of them will pick it up from here and work with you to resolve the problem.


            Thanks, Lesley


              1.  Yes


            Error message:



            [Emails removed for privacy]





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              Hi Jacob:  I am back from vacation and following up on this. Can you update me on this issue.


              Thanks, Lesley

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                Jacob G Adobe Employee

                Hi Lesley,

                I will follow up with you now via email to discuss further.