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    Can't Find Exported Photos Or Catalog?


      I had just finished editing a wedding session in Lightroom. After finishing I exported all files into a folder named after the bride and groom's surname. When I export photos, I usually do it twice. Once without watermarks and another time with watermarks on a selected bunch. The catalog, photos with watermarks, and without watermarks are all organized in the same folder. I even had a backup catalog just in case. This morning I get on my computer to put the photos on a flash drive, and they are nowhere to be found, not even the two catalogs. The folder they were all in is now empty. They weren't in the Recycle Bin and when I searched My PC, nothing came up. When I opened Lightroom and went to Open Recent, their catalog didn't show up. Luckily I still have all of the unedited photos still, but I would like some help to see if I can somehow recover the photos or even just the catalogs before I have to edit all of them again.