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    save all layers as one psd so i can use in after effects


      Newbie here.

      I created a mixamo animation. Imported it into Photoshop. Now i need to export into after effects as one psd. No matter what i do in the export dialogue box, create a new subfolder-name the psd (girl1pose.psd) , photoshop creates 149 psds in that folders.  So when I go to open in after effects i have to imports these 149 psds.  I fill in the dialogue box correctly and after watching a few tutorials on youtube, they all say open the one psd file.  So what am I doing wrong?


      Reason to export to After Effects is to get a transparent background and file has to be flv output.


      So i placed a bright green background in Photoshop.


      the dialogue box in Render video-has greyed out the media encoder capability-otherwise i would use it to render a video with alpha channel and save to flv format.

      Any reason why the choice to Media encoder is not usable?




      totally somewhat confused..