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    Integrating RH with Perforce without P4SCC

    CletusQMaggot Level 1

      Hi all,


      We've been using Perforce for version control for our Robohelp projects for the last year or so with no problems. The P4SCC plugin from Perforce made it smooth and you could check in and check out and add new files and all that from Robohelp.


      Then sometime in the last year, Perforce got rid of the P4SCC plugin in favor of something called P4VS, which apparently is something you open through Visual Studio. Unfortunately, we're all writers and don't know anything about Visual Studio. We discovered this when we hired a new writer and I tried to install Perforce on her machine.


      Anyway, I know this is a Perforce thing, but that tool (and that tool's help) is written by devs for devs, and there's no clue how to make this new plugin work. The support people I talked to had no idea and suggested just checking in and out from Perforce itself.


      I thought I would ask here in case any of you have walked this path before and found gold at the end   If not, then I'll try something else.