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    Script for field to divide the sum of one field and then add 2 the sum. But only to remain zero if 1st field is blank.


      I don't know Javascript, but I know that what I'm looking for is a basic script.




      I have two fields.


      The 1st field is blank, unless an amount or number is entered.


      The 2nd field divides the number from the 1st field into 12 and then adds 2.



      I was able to figure out how to get field 2 to function the way i'd like, but field two shows the initial value as 2, and I need the field to be blank.


      I need it to be blank because there is third field that adds the sum of the second field automatically, and there are multiple field2s so the 3rd field automatically adds the field 2s


      Does this make sense?


      I hope someone can help out.