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    MSO in InDesign for fixed layout ePub for Windows


      Hello, I've been searching the forums and following guides and have read a lot of old posts with very few addressing the problem I'm having at the moment, so I just wanted to reach out to the community and ask if this works for everyone else now, or something that is just known as fact that it doesn't work.


      I have an inDesign page with a MSO ( Multi-state object) and when I preview it on in Indesigns EPUB interactivity preview it works perfectly, when I export it and view it in iBooks, it works perfectly, when I then try opening that file in Readium ( I've tried lots of others too with no success such as Kindles reader, Kobo, ADE, Bluefire reader but Readium rendered it the best ) It doesn't have any interactivity, I get the hand icon to show it is a button, but on click it does nothing.


      I'm using Indesign CC 2017 2017.1 Release ( Build ) with default export to ePub fixed layout settings.

      and here's a link to my indesign file if anyone can think of a solution or wants to look a little closer as to what I may be doing wrong.

      Dropbox - epub-fixed-layout-1 page.indd


      Any thoughts or solutions are welcome - essentially I'm after an indesign file I can export which has working MSO's on iPad and Windows Desktops.