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    Trouble with Elements 11


      I use Photoshop Elements 11. As of 12/18/2016 I had a fire in my home and the recovery team

      was able save my hardfile from my computer by cloning the drive, which was using windows 7.

      My new computer uses Windows 10.

      We loaded Photoshop Elements 11 and then imported the photos from the cloned drive.

      When I bring up the program on the new computer I see the photos but when I click on them

      it goes searching for the file. If I plug in my cloned drive it finds  them.

      I am trying to find out if I just need to upgrade the software on the new computer or did we do

      something wrong. When I select troubleshooting it mentions there is a upgrade available for

      this operating system ?

      I would appreciate any help with this.


      Danny Houghton