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    Import WinHelp to HTML problem

      Hello there!
      I needed to udpate a WinHelp file created in X5 and output to .chm using RH 7. I did the following steps:
      Imported the .hpj project using RH7
      Followed the wizard for import.
      Saved the project in RH7 as .xpj.
      Added the topic that was required and updated the index as well.
      Generated output in .chm as was requested by programmers to replace their old help file.

      The .chm file launches perfectly with my new topic and index on my PC. However the copy of the .chm file that I sent to the programmers does not display the help pages; we don't use left nav and the first page is a toc page with links to topics. When I open the left nav to see the Index, my entry is there but the new topic page or any other topic pages do not display.

      Can anyone help me troubleshoot this?
      thank you.
      - Azi