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    Export file as a DXF

    clutch-cargo Level 1

      My script is working nice until I try to export my document. I am trying to export my document as a DXF file.  Using the Illustrator CS6 Scripting Reference I am using the TIFF export as a reference as there are no examples for exporting as a DXF (my luck!).  This is what I have in VBscript.  With this script I get the following error on the second to last line:


      "Illegal argument - argument 2 - Enumerated value expected"


      As you can see I do have one: "0" so I suspect the error lies elsewhere in the code?  I'll take a JavaScript example if you are not into VBscript since the two look very similar and I think I can adapt it.


      Set App = CreateObject("Illustrator.Application")

      Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")


      Dim dest

      dest = "S:\SOCAL\Section_32\Veg DXFs LC\SOCAL_CK67_pineLC"


      Set DXFexport = CreateObject("Illustrator.ExportOptionsAutoCAD")

          If App.Documents.Count > 0 Then

              Set docRef = App.ActiveDocument

              Call docRef.Export (dest, 0, DXFexport)      ' 0 = aiDXF

          End If

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          Silly-V Adobe Community Professional

          At least in JS, when it talks about enumerated values, it expects something like: TheObject.THEVALUE.

          In your case it would be looking for the "ExportType" enumerated object.

          Its values as described in OMV are:












          Looks like DXF is not in the export options at all!

          But, in the app's ui export dialog, there's options for AutoCAD DWG and AutoCAD DXF files.

          However, in the ExportOptionsAutoCAD object, there's the 'exportFileFormat' which lets you choose between the DXF and DWG formats.

          Try to use whatever the VB equivalent of ExportType.AUTOCAD is with the appropriate properties set in the ExportOptionsAutoCAD object.

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            clutch-cargo Level 1

            Got this to work for me:


            Set App = CreateObject("Illustrator.Application")
            Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
            Set SourceFolder = FSO.GetFolder("full path to your source folder")
            Dim destFolder : destFolder = "full path to your destination folder"

            Dim docRef

                 If App.Documents.Count > 0 Then
                       destFile = destFolder + "\your filename.dxf"
                       Set docRef = App.ActiveDocument
                       Set dxfExport = CreateObject("Illustrator.ExportOptionsAutoCAD")
                       dxfExport.ExportFileFormat = 0           ' 0 = aiDXF
                       docRef.Export dFile, 8, DXFexport
                 End If