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    Best Selling Images


      Hello. I am trying to build my adobe stock portfolio. I have about 232 images for sale right now but none have sold yet. What are the best selling images right now? And what images are needed most in adobe stock? Thanks!

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          marog-pixcells Level 3

          myrriah  schrieb

          ...And what images are needed most in adobe stock? Thanks!

          Buyers are waiting. - Adobe Stock content needs: April – June 2017





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            Paul2610 Level 1

            I've asked a similar question recently but do realise that adobes needs at any given time are governed by clients and not by subject, as a magazine would be i.e, they could say no to flowers for instance but then suddenly get a few publishing houses needing such images for huge concise photo ID books of world flowers, so for now I am just using a few ideas to help me figure out whats perhaps in or out.


            To start I stay clear of images that have been declined due to non commercial needs, flowers are such an instance, yes easy to take this time of year for every one not just me.


            I use the adobe stock search to see just how many images their are of any given subject. I tend to do a lot of wildlife so search specific species, then look at the poses etc to see if their are any I take can be done slightly differently i.e birds perched on a stick doing nothing - gotta be millions of them images, so perhaps I get it to look at me or when another joins it, feeds young, fly's etc etc.


            On the same lines, if I see that my subject has over 50 to 75 pages of similar images in stock, then thats roughly 5000 to 7500 other images mine are competing with, so just keep putting in subjects until you find some with low image counts.


            I don't tend to follow the rules of photography i.e rule of thirds, a right composition, my only aims are to keep it sharp (the main subject), noiseless and exposure fairly good. I don't know what a client will do with an image, crop it, paste something else in, use just subject or background, so no point worrying about the niceties, its to sale not win a competition.


            I don't know what images it is that you have submitted but perhaps all you have to do is tweak what you take and submit using the ideas above or any other you feel would help but I use these methods and have 400 odd images on stock, about 200 others have been rejected and have 16 sales.


            hope that helps



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              MatHayward Adobe Employee

              We accept images of common subjects such as flowers and sunsets however the supply of existing content is very abundant and the quality is high. As a result, new images featuring this type of subject must have a serious WOW factor to it to be considered for approval and to find success.


              There is no one particular subject in demand. We have a diverse range of customers with an equally diverse need for content. What is in demand is authenticity. Real looking people in real situations as opposed to the posed, static look of more traditional stock.


              Good luck!


              Mat Hayward

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