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    Technical requirements for content: Minimum resolution of the vector is 15MP (?)

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      I got stuck at uploading a vector file to adobe stock. (Uploading a different pixel illustration file beforehand worked and it got accepted, too).


      The upload wont even happen and the page gives me this error message: "<filename>.ai had upload errors. Learn more about submission"

      I did look up the vector contribution requirements and I read:


      • AI or EPS format.
      • Upload EPS or AI files directly. Previously, you had to place each file in a ZIP archive that includes a JPEG preview. If you have ZIP files already created, you can continue to upload them.

      Note: A direct upload of .eps files isn't supported if you're using Internet Explorer as your browser. Switch to a different browser to upload them.

      • Minimum resolution is 5,000 x 3,000 (15 million pixels).


      What I read out of this is, that I can directly upload either an illustrator file or an eps. The zip upload is outdated.

      What am I doing wrong, I asked myself and looked for help in forums and google. But I got no answer. The only thing could be the resolution thing. But vector formats are resolution independent... or was I wrong for the past 24 years?


      It would be great if somebody of you could enlighten me on how to create/convert my adobe vector file so it has a minimum of 15MP.


      Thank you so much