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    [Adobe Premiere Pro] Installed Extensions not Showing in Adobe Premiere


      [Adobe Premiere Pro] Installed Extensions not Showing in Adobe Premiere


      Hi all,


      Complete Adobe-Development noob here -- so apologies in advanced for any confusion on my part.


      I have a requirement for work to update an extension that someone else (who is no longer available) created for Adobe Premiere Pro.


      To the limit of my knowledge, it was hosted on Adobe Exchange and ceased to work due to new released Premiere Pro versions. I am tasked with updating the extension to make it compatible with the newest Premiere Pro release (and hopefully just all versions if possible). The extension is just essentially an iFrame redirect to our web application, housed in an Adobe Premiere Pro panel. I plan to just update the versions and submit a "Patch" on Adobe Exchange with the new ZXP Package.



      1. I cannot see my "installed" extension in Adobe Premiere Pro when testing my ZXP changes -- the extension menu is grayed out / disabled.


      Attempted Fix Process (learning to repackage the original ZXP file has been an epic journey):

      • I stripped the original ZXP package of the "mimetype" file and "META-INF" directory after learning those are generated after signing the package.

                ZXP Package Files.png

      • I edited the CSXS --> manifest.xml to provide (what I thought was) the minimum version supported (which I hoped would then just be compatible with all new versions)

                     Manifest XML File - Updated.PNG

      • I signed the folder with ZXPSignCmd.exe -- this creates the new, signed ZXP file


      • I install the new ZXP package with ExManCmd.exe
        • Command: ExManCmd.exe /install com.MyExtension.zxp


      • I receive a successful extension installation result:
        • When installing the extension with ExManCmd.exe, the "com.MyExtension" extension folder is being placed in the following path:

          • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions

                Successful CMD Line Install of Extension.PNG


      • Unfortunately, I still do not see the installed extension (or any extensions) in Adobe Premiere Pro version: 11.1.2. The Extensions menu item is grayed out.

                Adobe Premiere Pro - No Extension Showing.png



      1. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing or what I'm doing wrong? Thank you in advance!