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    Only "some" page numbers export to PDF?

    tylerm2734255 Level 1

      I'm very puzzled. I have a 46 page document made in InDesign CS4. Page numbers are on a master page and they all show up correctly within InDesign. Once I export to PDF, however...I get pages with correct numbering 1-6...then after that only even pages. So 7, 9, 11, 13, etc are all without a page number showing up but the even pages have their number showing up. I've tried everything I can think of: make sure the object is arranged at the front, change font color, change location on the page...even delete page numbers and insert new page numbers. The result is the same every time.


      What is odd is that when you view the PDF exported document, you can use the mouse to "highlight" where the page number should be...copy, and paste it into a text editor. The page number exists and is correct...but it appears to be "hidden."


      I can't figure out why one odd page number (page 5) would correctly show up but the rest do not.