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    Can There be Different Alignment in Different Columns within Table Styles?

    Celull0yd Level 1

      We have a large catalog in which there will be several hundred tables. I've created a table style that we will use throughout the catalog but all the inner cells seem to have to be aligned the same (either left, centered, or right). I can set different alignments for the outside columns of the tables but I'd like to be able to align (in order from left to right in the tables) the item descriptions to the left (the far left column is the years of application for each item), the part number to the right, and the prices to the right (and then the outside right column is the unit of measure). As far as I can tell, there's no way to designate different paragraph styles for each column in a table other than the outside columns, is there? In other words, do all the columns other than the outside columns have to use the same paragraph/cell style?


      I hope this makes sense. We're using InDesign CC 2014 on Macs.


      Thanks for any help you can give us,