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    Always raw files synced


      dear community,

      I have Lightroom cc and some catalogs synced with mobile.

      The synchronisation works perfectly, but when I drag and drop images from a folder to these catalogs, I always get the raw version on my mobile.

      I'd like to have the smart previews on my mobile and keep the raws on my desktop. Is there any place I can change this setting or do I have to do another manipulation?

      many thanks in advance!

      kindly, Laurent

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Laurent

          It is only possible to sync one catalog; so I assume you mean photos placed in collections. Basically LR sync works as follows.


          -Photos sync’d from LR desktop version will use smart previews from the cloud.


          -Photos imported into a phone or tablet e.g. from Camera Roll or from a memory card using a camera connection kit, will upload originals to the cloud.

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            eldehenl69458703 Level 1

            Hi 99jon,

            That's correct, two catalogs are synchronized with lightroom mobile, but when I drag pictures to these catalogs, see the pictures in lightroom mobile with a 'raw' pictogram.

            Is there anything I am doing wrong? Or doesn't the raw pictogram mean the image on the phone is a raw?

            kindly and many thanks in advance!


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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Did you shoot any photos as DNG using the Lightroom camera app on the phone?

              What version of Lightrooom is installed?

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                Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                As Jon said before, an image proxy, the so called smart preview, is uploaded from your DT to the cloud (mobile device). It is marked RAW to remind you, that the original picture is a RAW one. Smart previews are, if I understand correctly, sized down and compressed DNG files. The DT also uses those smart previews to accelerate the workflow. The original RAW file is only needed to recreate the smart preview and during export operations.

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                  eldehenl69458703 Level 1

                  Thank you Jon and Abambo,

                  You are both right, but was confused with the 'RAW' pictogram on the pictures. I took a picture with the Lightroom Mobile app in DNG format and found out I could see Infos about the pictures. The DNG was marked as original picture, while the sync'd 'raw' pictures were marked as 'aperçu dynamique' which I assume is the French translation for smart previews...

                  So my mystery is solved

                  It might be helpful if I could indicate which catalogs have to be sync'd with which devices (using a desktop, a laptop and a smartphone), but at least I understand better what happens

                  Thanks folks!

                  Kindly, Laurent