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    How does one talk to Adobe customer service?

    SummerShaddow Level 1

      Does anyone know how to contact customer support?  I'm at an empasse with with my issues, and my HD memory is so full that I'm barely able to surf the web.  I've deleted beyond what the computer initially came with, and the memory just keeps dropping.  Most of the memory is being used by Lr in "Pictures," but I've not been able to get any help with this and have been working on this, searching reading, asking for days now.  My computer is just this side of becoming an expensive brick.


      My choice at the moment is get help fast, or remove the program and cancel my subscription so I can regain the use of my MacBook Pro.  As it is, there's no time for shooting or working on photos because I'm frantically trying to get help with this.


      Please, does anyone know how to contact their customer care?  Every time i try it just directs me to "Community."