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    After Effects Keying & Premiere Pro

    aleeshao56435791 Level 1


      I am working on Windows PC. I have 32 GB of RAM and an x64-based processor. We have Windows 10 just in case that's helpful as well.


      I am doing a lot of green screen work and I keyed out my individual. Things were working just fine for awhile and then I all of a sudden started getting a red blob on my green screen footage. Both After Effects and Premiere and not cooperating, they freeze constantly and I don't know where to begin to correct this issue.


      I'm hoping that I don't need to start my video over. I have half of my footage located on an external hard drive and the other is located on a shared folder within my



      Can someone help me figure out what it is that I need to do to proceed? It's impeding my ability to do my job.





      This is what my footage looks like now. The blue background is what I created.


      Thank you so much!