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    Adobe Premiere Elements 7


      I have completed a project in Adobe Premiere Elements 7 and I am now ready to burn same to a DVD.  When I go into the SHARE MENU, and attempt to burn my project, I receive a pop-up message, "Activating Component".   It, reads,  "You must activate this component to use this feature."  My serial from Adobe Premiere Elements 7 is showing, and a website is given.  www.adobe.com/go/encoderactivation.  When I go to this website, I receive a message that "This page is not available".


      I have spent many, many, many, many hours preparing this project, and it is DUE now.  How can I burn my project.  Please help!!!!!

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          You are using software from 2009.  I don't know where to tell you to look for the component that was available back then.  You may need to find another way to burn the DVD.


          Will version 7 allow you to output a MP4 file?  If so, you could turn in your assignment on a thumb drive or even copy the MP4 to a DVD disk.  If it has to be a DVD, google for "make a dvd from an MP4" and you will get a variety of choices. 


          Good luck on your project!

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Try downloading the free trial of Premiere Elements 15. That may install the necessary component (and it usually works)!


            Though Bill brings up an important issue. Version 7 is from nearly a decade ago, a time when most modern video formats didn't even exist. Version 7 is designed to edit pretty much tape-based miniDV and HDV video.


            What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what is the video's resolution and format? You will most likely have a lot of problems editing video from AVCHD camcorders -- and video from other sources (phones, for instance) will be all but impossible to edit in version 7.