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    How can I reactivate Acrobat 8 after Windows 10 Creators update?

    thelefty Level 1

      My laptop updated to the Windows 10 Creators Update last night. Since then, my copy of Acrobat 8.0.1 Standard has warned me that I must reactivate it within 5 days or I won't be able to use it.


      The "Activate" menu option is occasionally grayed out, but when I try to print a document from a website the activation dialog pops up.

      Adobe '5 Days Remaining' Screen 17-08-03.png

      I've attempted to re-activate the software 10 times now, including after two full reboots, but I get an error message (Code 160:41) every time that says that I must be connected to the Internet for the activation process to work. Needless to say, I'm connected to the Internet. And I'm not using a proxy server.

      Adobe 'No Internet' Screen 17-08-03.png

      I attempted to activate over the phone, but I got a recorded message that Adobe no longer activates software that way and I should go to www.adobe.com/go/activation. I did, but found nothing there that addressed this problem.


      My next step could be to uninstall the Acrobat software and reinstall it. Before I do that, I wanted to find out if there was an easier way -- regedit, file permissions, etc. -- that would allow me to get back to processing financial paperwork. Today.


      I haven't installed or uninstalled any software or changed any settings since the Creators Update that might have caused this problem. It seems that the Update was enough.Thanks for any help. I don't want to upgrade. Acrobat 8 works just fine for my needs, thanks.


      Thanks for any help. I don't want to upgrade. Acrobat 8 works just fine, and did so until 12 hours ago, for my very simple needs, thanks.

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          CS3 and Acrobat 8 Activation Servers have been retired.

          See this link for obtaining a new download & serial # that does not require activation.

          Activation or connection error when starting CS3 or Acrobat 8

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            thelefty Level 1

            Thank you very much. That was exactly what I need to get started again.


            The process wasn't entirely straightforward after that, though. So for anyone who has to do this for him- or herself, this is what I had to do:


            This link provided instructions for

            1. Getting a new serial number based on the old serial number
            2. Removing the old CD-based Acrobat installation
            3. Installing the downloaded new version


            Removing the old version using the "Programs and Features" Control Panel didn't work after 5-6 tries and a couple reboots. I kept getting the error message


              Error 1326.Error getting file security:

              C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Adobe\Acrobat\8.0\Cache\GetLastError: 5


            The uninstall routine would run for 40-50 seconds and fail with 0 seconds to go. Deleting the file and directory in the Cache directory made no difference.


            Researching the GetLastError problem turned up the "Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool" page. This Adobe software says it's for Acrobat 9, but with little to lose, I decided to try it on Acrobat 8.


            It found my installation of Acrobat 8 and ran, displaying a progress bar that made it all the way to the right. And then walked itself back all the way to the left. However, the software said it had removed Acrobat. The Control Panel still showed Acrobat 8, but without the Adobe logo. When I tried to remove that entry, it said, "This action can only be performed on current installations." Sounded semi-promising...


            I moved on to the installation of the new downloadable version. There was a minor speed bump when I had to install "Akamai NetSession Interface". That installation process was not very friendly or intelligible, but by accepting everything it asked for except giving people in coffee shops permission to access my computer, I finally got the new Acrobat 8 downloaded and installed.


            And running. I hope that's all it takes. Thanks again.



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              charliek2053 Level 1

              I have the same problem and followed your direction that saved lot of my time, thanks!