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    Selected index combo box

    realtime158 Level 1
      Ok i have the following XML code below. What I am having problem is when the user selects a item from the drop down list i want the value of the data field in the xml document to be outputted to the status text field. What am i missing. I have also provided my MXML code

      <record data='1' label='Corco' />
      <record data='5' label='Shell Crop Protection'/>
      <record data='7' label='lin McIntosh'/>
      <record data='9' label='Crab rchard'/>
      <record data='10' label='Shell Oil Del Amo'/>
      <record data='11' label='AIG South Jersey Gas'/>
      <record data='12' label='Husch &amp; Eppenberger Litigation-New York'/>
      <record data='22' label='Shell Sturbridge'/>
      <record data='24' label='Shell Southington'/>
      <record data='26' label='Personal Injury'/>