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    An Idea to help Contributors

    Pamela 28 Level 1

      When an artist submits their work for approval, some things get rejected. Sometimes it is because of a technical oversight on the part of the artist, or it just isn't what Adobe is looking for. Often times the category an image is rejected under is too generic to be of any real help to the artist.


      Those who determine what to accept and reject are (I'm sure) quite swamped. It would be unrealistic at best to ask for personalized comments.


      My idea is this:


      When choosing a reason for rejection, have a drop down list of 5 items the evaluator can choose from to narrow down the issue.


      For Example:

      Under / Over Exposed


      • Too bright
      • Too dark
      • Not enough contrast
      • Too much contrast (over and underexposed)
      • Glare


      Would this be possible?


      It would greatly reduce the frustration of new contributors and long time participants alike, trying to guess at what Adobe wants for submissions.