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    Sudden censoring works and setting them to private

    Volpina777 Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have noticed that lately Behance team started to set my adult content works on private. It began when I couldn´t see my two latest digital collages at all, as a public viewer (not logged in).

      I was a bit furious because I have seen tons of other projects that are much much more explicit than mine, and my older, similarly explicit works were set only to mode invisible to viewers from outside the site.

      So, I sent Behance team a letter with my question, stating worry that I will lose all of my fans and views if that trend continues.

      After that letter, Behance set to private even some more works, some of them made a year ago or even before that.

      Latest victim of that policy was my latest elaborate erotic drawing which had only adult filter the whole month, and gathered 429 views and 40 likes.

      That is a very high rate for me, and now, I have lost one more representative and brilliant artwork.


      I don´t know what should I do. I told Behance team how precious they are to me, because many people contacted me via that site for various jobs, and now I´m faced with this huge disappointment and discouragement. I used to post my works here with excitement and joy, and now it all dissipated.


      Is there any solution or am I sparing my words vainly?

      I am very very sad about this whole situation.



      Best to all,