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    Adobe revoked 45 licenses without my consent

    lukem76138881 Level 1

      So I bought for the company 45 personnal licenses.

      Why personnal? because otherwise the price is 4 times more expensive.



      Anyway, After  ayear I had a meeting with the SouthEast Asia Territory Manager for a quote for team licenses.

      I gave him the list of the current accounts we had.

      After 4 days I received a quote and at the same time Adobe started to cancel/refund the licenses we bought.

      It created a huge mess: i had to create temprary accounts to be sure most of the team could still work.

      I had to contact Adobe every single day for 3 hours for more than 15 days now.

      I had to check that every license revoked was refunded, which was not always the case so I had to request by chat a confirmation of refund.

      Then I had to rebuy each license indivudally by login to each account.

      During all this time CREATED by ADOBE I NEVER had any help from the South East Asia Territory Manager.

      Now, after a nightmarish time I was able to re-buy the licenses one by one..excepty mine

      I am now waiting for more than 10 days a commercial gesture from Adobe, of course each time I contact them they tell me I will have an answer in the next 48h, but no news.

      I really start to be fed up with Adobe and its way of dealing with problems (hiding and just asking for time)

      Either I have an answer before MOnday Or I will cancel and ask for full refund for every license we have bought (again) and will switch for free alternative or simply crack the softwares I need as I really can't stand this anymore