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    Recording keytriggers second pass


      HI, So I have a character where the face and arms appear only after a keytrigger. The arms have some draggers and the hands have more keytriggers. My problem is on the second pass I want to focus on the keytriggers of the hands and the draggers, but when I hit record on the second pass it does not playback the keytriggers already recorded in the first pass so the hands are not revealed and there is just too many things going on to remember everything in one pass. If I disarm keytriggers and focus on the face then it does play back the keytriggers recorded earlier during recording mode.

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Add a second keyboard triggers behavior to the top level puppet.

          Arm the first one only. Record your first key(s).

          Disarm the first, arm thew second. Record your next and notice how the first shows up still.


          Basically this is the same with draggables and other behaviors - if you want to see what you've already done, add additional behaviors.