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    Accessing Customer Attributes in Offer code dynamically

    rajneesh_gautam Level 3

      Hi all, can someone please confirm the syntax of how customer attributes' value can be directly retrieved in the offer code? We use following syntax to access values of profile attributes : ${profile.your-profile-attribute}


      For customer attribute, I am trying ${crs.data-source-name.attribute-name} but it doesn't seem to be working. Would appreciate a swift response here - thanks,




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          Amelia Waliany Adobe Employee

          Hi Rajneesh,


          The Customer attributes can be referenced in profile scripts using format: crs.get(‘<Datasource Name>.<Attribute Name>‘). This profile script can be used directly in Offers for delivering Attributes that belong to the current visitor.

          You can save the customer attribute as a profile script using this syntax: "crs.get(‘<Datasource Name>.<Attribute Name>‘)", and then reference the profile script in an offer using this syntax: ${user.your-profile-attribute}. Hope this helps!