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    Setting up a large project – Document or Book

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      Hello everyone,


      I was hoping to draw on the knowledge and experience of the community on here.

      I have some experience with designing posters and flyers and small documents with InDesign and so I’ve been given a job at work to format a series of three large (approx. 100 pages) (currently Word) documents into InDesign. The documents will be completed in word before being handed over to me and I’ll then have a couple weeks to format them in InDesign before send them off to the printer.

      The structure will be approximately as follows.


      Document 1

      Chapters 1-8


      Document 2

      Chapters 1-13


      Document 3

      Mostly images


      So I would like to be as prepared as possible with some kind of template set up ready so that I can get the job done in time. So I have a few questions with regards to setting up my document before getting started.

      My main question at the moment is what type of document would be best t

      o go for Book or Document? Each document will be made up of chapters which will each have some specific formatting. Each chapter will be themed by a colour so heading titles/page numbers/first letter of paragraph will all be the same colour depending on what chapter they are in. But this will be the only difference with character and paragraph styles remaining the same between chapters.


      As a newbie to InDesign I’m looking to do this with as few additional levels of complication as possible. Also, if I have a new file for each chapter there’s going to be 20 plus files which might get a bit unwieldly. I am therefore (intuitively) leaning towards just having one file for each of the documents.


      Thanks. Any help, tips, advice and guidance will we gratefully received!