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    Auto recovery function not working after update


      Hi all,


      I use InDesign on a daily basis and 90% of the time it works flawlessly. However, after the most recent update I have encountered a few program flaws. The main one being that my auto recovery function doesn't seem to be working. I was working on a document this morning and I manually saved it at 9.30am. I carried on working on it (as well as other things) so the file was open in the background. All of a sudden around 1pm my Mac froze, which it has never done since owning it (since 2013). I thought, ahh, thats ok, **** happens! I'll simply reboot the mac and it will auto recover the file from where the last auto save was from, which I have done many a time. Restarted Indesign; do I want to recover data?, Yes please, document loaded up, and it loaded up from the last save point at 9.30am =O so I've basically lost a whole mornings work. For some reason my auto save/recover feature is no longer working. Has anyone else had the same issue?


      I am running on a late 2013, 27" iMac, 3.2GHz Intel Core i5 and using InDesign CC 2017 version 2017.1  Build