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    Flex Builder 3 Backwards Compatibility


      I was wondering which versions of Flash are Flex 3 and Flex Builder 3 compatible with. The clients I'm building the Flex app for are still on, on an isolated network, and may be awhile till they upgrade. Is FB3 compatible with that version, or is there a compiler option to make it so? I noticed for instance that a simple ComboBox wouldn't work in that version - it caused the Flash page not to completely load. It did work with a later version of flash, so I suspected it is a compatibility issue.

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          matthew horn Level 3
          Flex 3 requires player 9.0.115. But, in FB3 you can set the compatibility version so you can compile against the Flex 2 SDK which can be run by earlier versions of the player.

          To do this select Project > Properties > Flex Compiler.

          Select "Use a Specific SDK" and then select Flex 2.0.1 Hotfix from the drop down.

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