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    font name confusion



      My project needs many opentype fonts. I recently downloaded a font Montserrat from Montserrat Font Free by Julieta Ulanovsky » Font Squirrel  and now it is showing me the name as Montserrat (OTF)

      Before downloading this OTF font i had downloaded the font which vendor provided and the name did not have any otf.


      None of the fonts in my menu have this OTF written.

      Because i will be using this font i want to know what is this otf and why is it showing. I know it is opentype and its property but why does it show in font name

      Why does it come as otf, when no other font comes as otf? this may be basic, but i am a beginner


      Before adding the font from font squirrel:


      After adding from font squirrel:



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          All your screen captures show this is an OpenType font. This is the newest font format: It is cross platform between Windows and Mac. It supports a larger number of characters than older font formats. It also may include special typographic features.


          It's not uncommon that the way the font name appears in the menu Monserrat vs. Monserrat (OTF) would be different.


          However, if you're trying to exactly match a font which your client is requesting, you may have to purchase the exact font they need. There may be many versions of Monserrat from different vendors.