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    EPUB's not accesible on ereader


      Dear Somebody,

      I purchased some ebooks and managed to download them on my PC with digital editions. Followed all the steps and that works OK.

      But I don't manage to get them accessible on my reader (type Sony PRS-T1).

      Maybe the reader needs to be authorized as well, but nowhere the possibility for this to be found.


      Security is fine with me, but I want to be able to use items I have bought.

      So please advice.

      I assume Adobe has some responsibility here to make it work.


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          simonb66284078 Level 1

          Dear Adobe,

          I received the message that my question has been rejected.

          I find this amazing since it is a genuine question and need some help in this matter.

          It is a pity we cannot have direct contact so that you can help me out quickly and effectively.

          That would have my preference.

          So if you do want to help and contact me directly please let me know.