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    How to apply a color to the edit?


      Hi, I'm curious on how to best achieve this look in Premiere Pro or AE. I have experimented with color matte and using blending modes, but pro tips are much apreciated!


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          RobShultz Adobe Community Professional

          You might want to borrow a preset from the Color Finesse effect in After Effects.

          After you apply the Color Finesse Effect go to full interface, Gallery, System Presets,Gels, Roscolux,Rose.

          I think that it looks pretty close.

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            Mike_Abbott Adobe Community Professional

            In more general terms:

            If you want a colour tint across substantial parts, or all, of your project the easiest way is to place an adjustment layer ([menu] Layer > New > Adjustment layer) into your timeline and apply any colour changing effects to that. Any layers underneath your adjustment layer will be affected.


            Colorama is another powerful, but complex, creative colour changing tool you might want to explore. Apply it and ignore the hideous defaults ; ) To start with open up the 'output cycle' section and try the 'Use preset palette' menu. This is similar in concept to gradient maps in Photoshop if you're familiar with those.

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              That looks like it has AE's Tint or Tritone effect applied.  Pretty easy.

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