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    Image distorted when I zoom


      Sometimes when I zoom, the image is squeezed to the left side. The vectors around the image are still fine. The image is always half the length, see the illustration below:

      indesign failure .jpgindesign failure 2.jpg

      The image returns to normal proportions when I zoom in very much, or when I right click on the picture and set the display performance to Hight or Typical. Though it is very annoying to do that all the time, it takes time and disrupt my workflow.


      I have tried those settings:

      Object - Display performance: Setting on High Quality Display. Use View Settings on

      Right click on the picture - Display performance - High Quality Display

      In preferences, the Default View is set to High Quality

      Allow Object-Level Display Settings is on


      We are many at my design department having the same problem.

      We are running InDesign at Creative Cloud