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    [newbie] How to create a home page with no bottom

    alzamabar Level 1
      Hi, I'm new to Flex and ActionScript. I'm studying a book both on Flex and ActionScript and I'm trying to get started with my website. I was able to create the skeleton of it, with an ApplicationControlBar at the top, a banner component to the right, etc

      Now I wanted the central part of my page to be bottomless, meaning that I could add content indefinitely and the user could scroll the content with the mouse wheel. However, the only way I found so far is to use a text area; the problem is that the textarea is in the central part of the page, and when the text goes beyond the height, scroll bars appear on the textarea, which is horrible. I'd like a similar style as http://www.facebook.com/home.php

      Can you see that the page is 'scrollable', with the content in the centre but the scroll bars only at the side? How could I achieve the same format with Flex 3?