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    Fitting CONTENT to FRAME

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      Our newspaper recently switched to InDesign from Quark, and while there are a number of things we've yet to figure out, the one that's kind of crucial to our daily page designing is the ability to fit the content to the frame, not the other way around.


      In the version of Quark we were using, which was paired with the Falcon Editorial newspaper publishing software, that function was called SmartFit. At the click of this button, not only would an article that was a little bit too short for the text frame automatically space itself out to fit the frame but an article that was a little bit too long for the frame would do the same.


      Every time I've asked this question so far, I've been told how to set the Object/Text Frame Options settings to balance columns and make them justify flush with the bottom of the frame. Which is great for articles that are shorter than the frame but does nothing for articles that are a bit too long. It just justifies the last paragraph that actually fits within the frame and leaves the rest somewhere down below.


      We were able to find something that says "Fit Content to Frame" under Object/Fitting, but it's never available to be selected... only Fit Frame to Content, which doesn't work for a newspaper, as we need the frame to fit the space we have available on the page.


      Can anyone tell me if InDesign has a function that will allow a little bit of dangling text to pull itself up into the designated frame? I'm kind of desperate here... no newspaper article ever perfectly fits the space you have allotted for it, but we need the text to adjust itself accordingly, not the frame.