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    Testing Adobe Animate Files on iPhone or iPad without P12 or Mobileprovision files

    skysajedi Level 1



      Currently, I would like to test my Adobe Animate file on my iPhone or iPad to show clients the possibilities.


      I have set up everything in an Air for iOS file. Once I get to the "deployment tab" it asks for a P12 and Mobileprovision files. Since I do not have these, and, I know you can "test" files on your iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), can you let me know what next steps are to test this?


      I've gone here:

      How to Use Adobe's IPhone Packager Without an Apple Developer Subscription: 4 Steps

      But, this does not work, because the "Fake" docs, have expired - HA!! So much for cheating.


      I have also read this:


      Testing an AIR app on iOS device, without being an Apple Developer.


      But, since I am not a wunderkin, I am lost even reading this.


      Can you help me?


      Thank you,