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    How to use Animate CC tutorials with enterprise subscription

    Factgathering2010 Level 1

      I'm using Adobe Animate CC in a mobile gaming course that I teach every fall. There are not any good beginner-oriented tools on lynda.com, so I am contemplating using the tutorials on the Adobe site.


      For example, I would like to point students toward this resource: Create a 2D character animation |


      Here is my problem. My university has an enterprise site license, and all fifteen computers in our lab are linked to the same institutional ID. However, in order to use the tutorial, students must copy the source files and sample assets to their own creative cloud account so they can access them from the CC libraries panel. This would make sense if every student had a different, personal ID, but we have an enterprise subscription instead of individual IDs.


      Is it possible to get access to these source files and other assets without going through the Creative Cloud library? Or, is it possible to do this in an efficient way with the CC library even though we have an enterprise subscription?


      Note: I am posting this from my personal account rather than the enterprise account.