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    File naming | File name setup + Photoshop in use strange behavior


      Hello, need your help


      1) I have quite a problem lately

      When I create a new psd file in Photoshop and save it in JPG,

      my filename looks like "file-name-example.jpg"

      How can I change it? How to set up the file saving?

      Does this depend on language settings? Language I save in?


      2) I've noticed some strange baehavior

      When I open several tabs in one window or some,

      and then zoom in\out all my tabs also change the view where they were in the beginning

      (one file was open at 30%, second in 60%, third 90% zoom for example)

      Why? Where can I fix it / change it?


      3) In the previous use (version) of Photoshop

      when I moved files into new folder in layers,

      the layer was placed at the bottom / end of the folder

      And now it is placed at the top

      And it really bothers to move it manually

      Why so? How can I change that?


      Didn't find any solutions or answers

      Looked in settings and toolbars

      Maybe missed something or don't know


      Please help

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional
          1. You should be able to name the JPEG anything you want with (almost) any formatting. Are you having trouble specifically naming a file?
          2. Are the images arranged (e.g., 3-up horizontal)? The other images shouldn't change zoom level while changing one image unless you're using Shift.
          3. What's the workflow? Usually, whatever layer is selected in the Layers panel will determine where a placed image will appear (which is above that selected layer), even in a folder.