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    Exporting to excel, loss of formatting + data after pdf exceeds 1mb


      I have been trying to convert some jobsheets from my work to excel as it would greatly improve my workflow from what it currently is.

      Unfortunately I have encountered a predictable and reproduce-able error.


      Every time I attempt to convert a jobsheet that is even slightly above 1mb the result is missing a large portion of data and formatting to the point whereby it is completely unusable. All jobsheets com from the same program and therefore are formatted exactly the same.


      I can send examples (pdf that works, doesn't work + conversion results) if need be, this is really an urgent matter as it greatly affects the speed at which I can do monthly reports.


      Would anyone from adobe know what can cause this? Or better yet, how to fix it?

      * I cannot change how they are originally created as pdf's, it is an automated process from an application we use (GoFormz).