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    Why is stroke missing from Character window?

    codyricheson Level 1

      When I go to add a stroke to text, the Character window has the option to pick a stroke color, but no option to change stroke width. Additionally, switching to "all fills over strokes" versus "all strokes over fills" is an option only available in the drop-down menu for the text layer. Any tutorial I look up implies that I should be seeing stroke info in the Character window. Why isn't it showing up for me? I'm using Adobe CC.

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          you probably got your character panel only half open, make sure you see it in full.

          I can only guess you are in stacked panel view mode where I believe this should be considered a UI bug

          where you can suddenly see something like this:

          then you are left with the option to hover blindly to find the two sided arrow cursor to stretch your panel, or simply choose the standard workspace under window->workspace that defaults to unstacked panel groups. another option is to click the panel options (hamburger menu) and uncheck stacked panels.