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    Export to cloud as vector on Android


      I went through several old forums and found that eventually, export to CC as PDF was added to the app, however, after searching for a long while, I still couldn't find out how to do it on android. The FAQ does not include that as a feature which is not supported on android. I do have a subscription for Illustrator, however I am usually away from the computer where it's installed, so I was hoping for some way to access my drawings as vectors without using illustrator. My "libraries" folder never contains the drawings, they are always in "mobile creations", where I have these options (on desktop):



      Here are screenshots of where the "pdf to CC" option should be, but isn't (in the app):




      "Share" leads me to android's standard share (with a png file), copy image to gallery only allows a png file, copy Image to Creative Cloud adds a png file to my creative cloud files, and publish a behance project is useless. Is there no way to do this on android? If not, it's very misleading to have that not listed as features not supported on android, because that's literally the entire point of the app for many people, and if I didn't have a subscription, that would make it actually impossible to get the vectors out of the app.


      Also, for completeness, I thought I was very close when I found the final step on this page: Draw vector art on the go | , but it seems to be for the iPad version, which is obviously more popular


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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Matt.


          I'm really sorry you've had to go through all this trouble... especially just to find out that the feature is not yet in Draw for Android.


          I know it's functionality that the Draw team is planning to bring to the app (and, honestly, I'd thought it would be in the app by now) but i no longer know what the timeline for it is.


          Let me ask the team and see if I can get a bit more information for you. Give me a day or so.



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            Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi Matt,


            I heard back from the product team and I was mistaken... There are no current plans to incorporate PDF export in Draw for Android.


            That may change, however, over the coming months. I will share your comments (and the confusion about the export feature not being in the Android version of the app) with the product team.


            I'm sorry about the misinformation.



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