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    Adobe Ceeative Cloud Billing Issues with Photoshop.

    Vanetias Tion Level 1




      I write to enquire of the two softwares(Photoshop, No:3650 and Premiere, No:6687) which I am still paying for, but not being able to use one of the software(Photoshop) on my Adobe Creative Cloud account.


      A copy of my account being debited for the subscriptions.


      I look forward to receiving a reply soonest.


      Evans Ti.


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Contact support - For the link below click the Still Need Help? option in the blue area at the bottom and choose the chat or phone option...

          Make sure you are logged in to the Adobe site, have cookies enabled, clear your cookie cache.  If it fails to connect try using a different browser.


          Creative Cloud support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)

          https://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?step=CCSN_membership-account-payment_change-or-upgrad e-your-membership

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            Vanetias Tion Level 1

            Hm, I tried contacting them via chat, but it failed out on me as the support didn't repsond to my messages. I tried mobile, but I couldn't contact them at all. I'm at Australia by the way, so the numbers could be different.(The number to call I got is: 800-833-6687 )

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              Hi, same here in a different part of the world. Everything is in "product test" and I have 7 days left for testing (at least, I can do something today); or I should buy (the other button appears after pressing "start test"). My account is active, last invoice is from August 5th and I have no idea, what the problem is. This will be funny next week – after testing period.

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                Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

                Hi Evans and Sascha,


                I checked your accounts and your subscriptions seem fine and active.

                I believe the subscription is reverting into a trial period although it is paid.


                Please see Stop Adobe Creative Cloud from opening in trial mode after purchase for the troubleshooting steps.


                Additionally, you can also refer Contact Support FAQ: Unable to reach support through the "Contact US" link since you are unable to reach support.




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                  Curanai Level 1

                  Hi Sheena,


                  thanx for investigation and your supply. The whole day it says, there is a problem with my payment details - but those are unchanged (I made it today again; I thought maybe it is based after the license stuff happened here after an update - had to agree every product).


                  So ... each login says the same: issue with payment details. Well, all payment came from this (my) bank account. I have only this one.


                  I have read your links to avoid trial mode ... so logged off in CC-Client and came back with regular login. CC is the current version and the buttons came back after it says, everything is up-to-date: "buy now" and I am back in trial mode.


                  Sorry, but this was not the solution.


                  Best regards.

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                    Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

                    I understand your concern and can imagine how terrible the experience can be.


                    Can you please Contact Customer Care as we might need to do some technical troubleshooting?

                    The agent can remotely connect to your machine and help you fix the issue.

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                      Curanai Level 1

                      Hi again and thanks again.


                      In case of a solution I will be back with some sentences about the solving; maybe in Australia it could help, too.


                      I will pick the chance to talk about some technicals with the CC client, too. There is a behaviour I totally disklike.


                      Best regards.

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                        Curanai Level 1

                        Hello again,


                        I am sorry for the TO, but there is a strange combination of two things at the moment, but this fits to my individual problem.


                        As said, I called support in the morning and I got the confirmation about two things:


                        1. the payment is in late progress; the fallback to trial version is unforgiven fast, but not restricted in use. This shall happen to people who are charged automatically, but only if a bank account is used for this - not credit card). No need to worry, he said.


                        2. In the same dialogue the very kind supporter realized another problem in Adobes backend; obviously there are two databases with a race condition for login. My login from yesterday was viewable, but not the one from the morning. So: technical issue, but unreachable for us.


                        As mentioned in another post, but not confirmed by the mods, we talked about CC-Client and the problems while closing (all other tasks are not closed, Node servers as technique, ...). At all, this was a very good supporter!!!


                        So, Vanetias, maybe option 1 is similar with your situation; or even problem 2 and you could not be identified. The supporter told me it is visible in the database, when the bank account is charged and the money finally arrives. This is not a problem of the user - this is a "thing" about the bank and their database. My suggestion: Log into your Adobe profile in the browser and check for a text in a lightly orange (or red?) saying that there are problems with your payment. Call Adobes support team in your timezone! Maybe this happens more often and the use of a trial version is limited in your system (I got interesting informations from the support, what would stay inside your OS after de-install). In short, the support made an insert about the time is passing between "get money" and the arrival. This period is too short, he said.


                        If not: There, so the great support, is another way to sanitize your registration inside of your OS. You should delete several folders inside of Adobes directory. New installation of your apps shall not be necessary after that - logoff, close CC client, delete named files or folders, new login into new started CC client. If interested, your supporter can send you those informations for your OS in your language (I got them, too, with a step-by-step manual; maybe not necessary, but .. well ... if something strange will happen in the next days).


                        I would finally say, it is time for a phone call at Adobe.


                        Good luck and many thanks here, too.