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    How do I use a variety of mouth sets while computing lip sync from scene audio?

    RockyDavies Level 1

      Okay!  So, I recorded a couple different audio tracks for my various puppets in Audition.  Now I have imported them into Ch and I want to apply them to the puppets.  I can do this - but - it lip syncs the whole thing to the default mouth set.  I want to be able to show a variety of emotions though.  I have other mouth sets present and rigged for angry, worried, etc.  How do I trigger them and also sync to the existing audio file?  I want it to sync and to be able to tell it when to switch to my angry mouths, worried mouths, etc.


      Do I have to chop up the audio file for each emotion or something?  How do I tell Ch which mouth set to use when syncing?  If there is an easy way to keytrigger the syncing, that would be awesome.


      Any help?