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    How to completely uninstall a plugin ?


      I've moved the LR6 catalogues for drive S to drive E using the right manner (including previews and parameters directories). Everything works well except the WSPP plugin. As far as I have seen, I've no other problem.


      WSPP plugin is used for publishing a web site directly from LR.


      When I publish, the transfer of the pictures works well but at the end appears the following message: "Couldn't open file S:\catalogues\cataloguesLR\parametresLR\webtemplates\mywebsite.lrtemplate for reading. Impossible to update that collection".


      This means that the plugin is still adressing the previous drive (S), not the new one (E).


      I've uninstalled and re-installing the plugin after having shutting down LR and even Windows. Reinstallation is properly achieved and turns green with the correct message (web engine has been installed, restart LR ...). I've re-created the web template in the web module


      But still, each time I want to publish, the plugin turns wrong with the same message that above (plugin turns yellow and says something is wrong)


      I've really no  idea of what to  do  next. It appears as if the desinstallation process of the plugin was incomplete and kept memory of the old location


      Do you have any solution? Is there a way to verify that the uninstallation has left a file or a parameter somewhere?


      I run the last version of LR6 on windows 10


      Thanks for help