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    Adobe PDF file exported from InDesign is much larger than it should be.

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      The company I work for has had several part time marketing people before I came to work here. The most recent before me created a series of fliers in Adobe InDesign which he exported and stored as PDFs for company use. Unfortunately when he left he took all of his InDesign files with him so now all I have are the PDFs. I have been working for a while to create new versions of all of these files but there are a few I have not gotten around to yet. All the fliers are pretty similar. All 8.5x11 with similar layouts and graphics. They range roughly 200-800 KB. But this one file is over 7,800 KB! We haven't had much of an issue with it up until now. We have a customer who's email cannot accept a file that large. I can't figure out why the file is so much larger than all the others, there's no logical reason for it. It is just like the others in every perceivable way except for minor design differences. It is the same physical size, same layout, same amount of text, no images, nothing that should make it that large. Can anyone suggest how/why that might happen and if there is a solution for it without having access to the original document? I know this is all very vague but since I did not design and save it and don't have the InDesign file I don't have much information besides that. If there is anything else that would be helpful I would be happy to provide.

      Here is a screen shot of the file info. The ones surrounding it are all fliers of a very similar nature.

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          One simple possibility is that the PDF file was extensively modified in Acrobat and then simply saved using File => Save as opposed to Save As. In the former case, modified pages are simply appended to the existing PDF file contents; the old, unmodified pages are still in the PDF file but not accessible. Remedy this by simply opening the PDF file and resaving it using File => Save As and see whether the PDF file size is any smaller.


          If that doesn't significantly reduce the file size, another possibility is that extraneous metadata is embedded in the file. For example, every time you edit an InDesign document, additional XMP metadata is added to the InDesign document. All that metadata is put into any PDF file you export from InDesign and that could lead up to significant PDF file size bloat. The fix for this is to use the File => Save as Other => Optimized PDF option. From that dialog, only check the Discard User Data option and within that, check both the Discard document information and metadata and Discard private data from other applications options. For the PDF version, use the Make compatible with - Retain Existing version option. Then press OK.


          See if this doesn't significantly improve your file size.


          Obviously, before doing either of these, make a backup of the original PDF file.


          Let us know if either or both of these help your situation.


                    - Dov