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    Trouble with Moving Files Around and Syncing to LR CC


      Let me lay out precisely what I did, I'm sure there is a simple solution.


      I was downloading a few thousand images for my wife from our recent trip to her laptop. I got about 90% of the way there onto her c drive when we realized there wasn't enough space on the drive. So I cut and pasted that folder from the c drive onto her portable 1tb hd which had plenty of space. Then I downloaded the remaining 10% of images onto the portable hd (d) and thought all would be well. However, LR still thinks the old download should be on c and considers those 2600+ images missing....even though they are sitting on the d drive. The other 200 images are in the lr catalog in the d drive, but of course in another folder or so lr thinks.


      The images on the actual hd are in the correct folder (wife's name pictures) and are organized under 2017 and then by date..which is how she wants them.


      What I cannot figure out how to do is to get LR to sync with her hd to recognize that all 2800 images are on the d drive under Lisa's pictures, 2017, then by date.


      I have always struggled with how lr deals with folders and getting everything to be in sync between the actual storage medium and the lr catalog. Thanks for the help.