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    Superwhite values in 32bpc are clipping to odd colors. Can I fix this?

    Zogeta Level 1

      I've been animating some lightning bolts in a fashion similar to the latest Video Copilot tutorial.  When my layers have lightning that intersects with the screen or add composite modes in 32bpc, the intersection often clips and produces a red or orange color instead of remaining white.  Have any of you experienced this and do you know a way to keep the bolts white?  I've noticed this with lens flares too.  I've included an example from my current project so you can see what I'm talking about in the upper left quadrant.




      I'm working in a 32bpc workspace with no color profile selected.  I also did not check "linearize" in the 32bpc options.  I'm working off AE CC 2017 on Mac OSX version 10.10.5.  Thanks.