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    detail sliders malfunction


      Hi when I press the alt key and move the amount slider to sharpen image turns into a B|W version also if I do the same with detail slider image disappears and a grey panel appears, any solutions out there?

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Your ALT key is working as designed-  (try extreme adjustment to see effects at 1:1 view.)

          With the [Amount] slider it is removing Colour from the image allowing a better impression of the sharpening with Luminance only.

          With the [Detail] slider it is showing (very faint) how much the sharpening strengthens primarily edges.

          With the [masking] slider it previews areas that will, or will not, be sharpened. White=sharpened, Black=Not sharpened.


          For example- editing a fine (fashion women) portrait- you may want to sharpen eyes and hair but leave the skin areas un-touched, this is where the Alt+Masking will preview the areas where you are applying sharpening.



          From a Lr 'Help' file-


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            simonh59141813 Level 1

            Oh dear I now realise that thank you for your guidance


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