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    Lightroom stopped working error in ui.dll


      I just recently started using the Cloud version of Lightroom.  My previous version never crashed, but also did not have the face recognition/people tagging option either. Currently I am running into the "Lightroom has stopped working" error about every 5 minutes during identifying faces manually from the slide view on single images. I have turned off GPU, but that had no effect.  As I said it works as expected where I can place the box around the face and name the person, but about every five minutes the application will crash.  I have included the event output hoping that might help.  I also updated my video driver hoping that may have an effect but it did not. My current configuration is as follows:

      Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

      Intel i7 3770K 3.5 GHz

      32 GB of RAM

      Geforce GTX 550 TI driver 2221.13.8205


      Any help would be appreciated.  I can restart the program and start where I left off, but the repeated crashing quickly becomes very aggravating.

      Thank you.


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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Dose the automatic face detection work? Is it switched on?


          If you hover over the identity plate (top-left) you should see a small triangle icon appear. Click on it and you can check if the service is paused or active.

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            Diversion101 Level 1

            Hi ACP,

            The face detection is on and I used it successfully for several days in the screen that shows Named and Unnamed people.  Where I am have problem is manually viewing individual images from my Libraries.  What I meaning is manually I am putting boxes around faces and manually naming them.  Even it that mode the face detection software is still attempts to determine the person, but usually is incorrect because the face may be a profile or have a hat on.  Since I can correctly define and name people on many images before it crashes I am think a memory leak in the application or I doing an uncommon workflow that was not fully stress tested for repeated usage. I have about 25 thousand images to review and identify faces, so I figure by the time I complete this task I will more details, like if it crashes after XX face recognitions or XX images.  The application is still usable, just aggravating when you are on a roll tagging faces and lightroom just stops and has to exits many times per hour.