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    Contact Form - mandatory Fields

    CipiClaudiu Level 1

      I am working on a contact form and I need you to help me add script to this so users can only send mail if they fill all the fields
      Below you can see the as lines I'm using
      rec="mail adress comes here";

      var fields_descriptions= Array ("",
      Array("t1", "your_name", "Your Name:"),
      Array("t1", "your_phone", "Phone:"),
      Array("t2", "your_email", "Your Email:"),
      Array("t3", "subject", "Subject:"),
      Array("t4", "message", "Message:"),
      Array("t5", "field_2", "E-mail:"),
      Array("t6", "field_3", "Address:"),
      Array("t7", "field_4", "fax:")

      for (i=1; i<=fields_descriptions.length; i++) {
      this["k"+i].text=fields_descriptions [2];
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          jon gibbons Level 1
          This works

          You will have to drag an "Alert Component onto the stage:

          import mx.controls.*;
          // when the submit button is clicked, send the form values to the server using a LoadVars object.
          var postBtnListener:Object = new Object();
          postBtnListener.click = function(evt:Object) {
          // if the name is blank, display an error message using the Alert component.
          if (your_name.text.length == 0) {
          Alert.show("Please enter your Your Name.", "Error", Alert.OK);
          return false;
          if (your_phone.text.length == 0) {
          Alert.show("Please enter your Phone Number.", "Error", Alert.OK);
          return false;
          if (your_email.text.length == 0) {
          Alert.show("Please enter your E Mail Address.", "Error", Alert.OK);
          return false;
          and so on:

          send_lv.onLoad = function(success:Boolean) {

          // if the comments were sent to the server and you received a response, clear the form fields and display an Alert message.
          if (success) {
          your_name.text = "";
          your_phone.text = "";
          your_email.text = "";

          Alert.show("Thank you for your Booking.An E Mail has been sent to your E Mail Address Box.", "Success", Alert.OK);
          } else {
          // else you encountered an error while submitting to the server.
          Alert.show("Unable to process your comments at this time.", "Server Error", Alert.OK);
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            CipiClaudiu Level 1
            Thank You for writing.
            I have to say this is not working ... maybe I haven't placed it right ..

            Here you can see the contact form structure

            Note! the submit button is having as on it.

            Feel free to decompile the swf to take a better look at it.

            I will apreciate it if you'd help me .. I really need help with this
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              __smileHare Level 1
              I thought 2F was writing on AS3.
              You have to use a LoadVars to connect a ASP/PHP file, and let the ASP/PHP file request variables from your SWF, then sends mails by the file.
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                CipiClaudiu Level 1
                well, it is connected to asp and php files .... things is this contact form I bought over the internet and since I'm not good with programming I tought someone might be able to help me with this.

                So form what I understand, the php file should control the swf file to check the empty fields?